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From filthy lucre to the almighty dollar: the peculiar psychology of money

Tuesday 07/07 | 09:00 - 09:00 | Online

The giving of money from those who have it to those who need it is at the heart of fundraising. We commonly think about money as a simple unit of exchange, but, as humans, our relationship with money is much more complex. From providing us with a sense of safety, self-worth or autonomy, to provoking feelings of fear, guilt or shame, money is far from neutral. It would seem clear that exploring how our donors relate to money, and understanding its psychological effects could have important implications for our fundraising practice. Similarly, understanding the impact that money has on us as fundraisers could help us to understand and break down some of the taboos we might encounter around asking. Whether we're requesting someone give a monthly donation or asking a major donor for a transformational gift, a deeper understanding of the psychology of money and its role in our and our donors' lives can directly benefit fundraising practice.

Claire Routley

Freelance at Legacy Fundraising Ltd

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